Saturday, February 2, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: View At Chautauqua Lake Park

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Clearwater, Florida: View At Chautauqua Lake Park
It's not quite Tampa Bay, but it is beautiful. Chautauqua Lake Park has this delightful little lake where you can sit on the dock and relax. I don't know of any way to launch a boat here. Which is probably nice, as it means the wildlife here is undisturbed. But then, if you did have a boat in there, it would be a short paddle from one side to the other.

*Here is a question for you... What about the Natural Pet Food discussion? I know you can get cat food and dog food that ranges from super cheap at 25 cents a can, on up to all natural pet food that costs over two bucks for a small can. I always figured that the food sold in Pet Stores was just overpriced. But what about All Natural Pet Food? What do you feed your pets? (Please leave a comment if you are so inclined. You can select anonymous if you don't have a login.)
If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: City Daily Photo Theme Day

Welcome to Theme Day in the City Daily Photo Community! Today is February 1st, and the theme is "What Your City Is Known For". Try as I might, I could not come up with just one photograph for Clearwater. So here are three.

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Clearwater, Florida: Phillies Baseball Spring Training Brighthouse Field
Can you say Spring Training? Wahoo! Clearwater is known by many people for the Spring Training that goes on here. Lots and lots of people look forward to the return of the Phillies each Spring. This photo was taken at Brighthouse Field, where they play in the Spring.

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Clearwater, Florida: Retirement Shuffleboard Sunshine Good Life
Cliché or Classic? Whichever you believe, it is hard to deny that shuffleboard is a powerful symbol of the Good Life that is retirement in Clearwater, Florida. A classic and engaging game that does not require great stamina, shuffleboard is accessible to many. What better way to enjoy the leisure and great weather of the Sunshine State?

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Clearwater, Florida: Top Of The World Retirement Community Seniors
For many other people, Clearwater means Top Of The World, the sprawling retirement community that is said to number some 60,000 retirees. Or is it 'On Top Of The World"? I just don't know for sure... I have seen the name both ways. Rumor has it, they have their own zip code, the place is so big. Interesting, eh? Click the name above to read my previous post, that includes a satellite image from Google Earth.

There are over 130 blogs participating in Theme Day today. Please take a moment to check out the list below. Click on any name to take an armchair tour of that city. Have a great time!

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If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: Chautauqua Lake Park: A Walk In The Woods

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Clearwater, Florida: Chautauqua Lake Park: Walk, Trail, Path In Woods
I had another opportunity to explore Chautauqua Lake Park this past weekend. It was nice to have time to wander about on the nature trails for a little while. It's not a really large park, much smaller than Phillipe Park, and smaller even than Moccasin Lake Park. But I think I would vote it one of the best 'micro-parks' in the area.

In this tiny space you can walk a trail that will take you through a bit of woods, as well as a bit of palmetto scrub like area. There is a dock that will let you sit out over the water of the lake. From that vantage point, you can watch the ducks and other assorted water birds, as well as the lily pads, the rustling reeds, or just watch the clouds drift by. Again, not large, but relaxing, convenient, varied. Check it out.
If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: Traffic Control: New US Hwy 19 Overpass

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Clearwater, Florida: Traffic Control: New US Hwy 19 Overpass
Here in Pinellas County, there was a time when US Highway 19 was the LAST place you wanted to be. It was one of those overcrowded arterial corridors that are used by too many people, because it was the most direct route to get most places. And it sucked! There were lots of traffic lights, with three lanes in each direction, and too many places to turn off between the stop lights. Places to eat lunch, buy a car, go shopping, etc.

Some years ago, the local DOT began an ambitious project. Or at least it seemed to me. They took a stretch of US19 about 4 or 5 miles long, one that could take 20 minutes to get through in the old days, and built overpasses throughout. Now, when you get on US19 in Clearwater, just north of Countryside (Westfield Shoppingtown) Mall, you can drive all the way to Gulf to Bay, at Clearwater Mall, in less than 5 minutes! Believe me, that is AMAZING!

As a key link in this project, these enormous overpass structures totally amaze me. The scope and size of these things, as well as the 'space' created by them, always gets me thinking. I must have been space deprived as a child, because they make me think about what kind of homes could be built in and under them. Weird, isn't it? Either way, they are something to behold, and I am all the more delighted with them for the way they smooth out the traffic flow, and get me where I am going much more quickly. Hmmm... New bumper sticker idea: "Have You Thanked An Overpass Today?"

No, I don't think that idea is going anywhere.
If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: Tiger Schulmann's Karate

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Clearwater, Florida: Tiger Schulmann's Karate
Can you say Kung Fu? Evidently, some guy by the name of Tiger Schulmann teaches Karate here. Who knew? Not me. Honestly, I have never heard of Tiger Schulmann, but you have to figure he has some clue what he is doing. After all, he has his own Karate school!

Okay, I couldn't stand it, so I just went and Googled him. I hope he enjoyed it. Ick. Anway, I better stop joking about it all... One thing I now know for sure is that he can kick my ass. In fact, I would guess that the ten-year-olds in his school can probably kick my ass. Oh well. I was wrong about him having a Karate school. He has, like, 40 of them! Most of them are in the Northeast, New York, Connecticut, and so on. There are three in this area (Two in Tampa). But I would not expect to find Tiger himself in this local school.

Evidently, he was a wildly successful competitor in the Martial Arts world. He won over a hundred competitions, and so and so on. Oh heck, if you want to know more, check out his website. It's a nice website, and you might just realize you want to take some classes.

Honestly, I have always wanted to take classes like these. I have plenty of excuses why I haven't. But when I see Kung Fu shows and karate and all those Martial Arts movies, it makes me want to do that stuff. Not to mention guys like Jackie Chan! Awesome. But no, I will never be a Bruce Lee or even close. Oh well.
If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: Cool Lady On Scooter... Cool

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Clearwater, Florida: Cool Lady On Scooter... Cool
We interrupt this show to bring you this bulletin. Cool looking lady spotted in Clearwater, riding her way cool scooter. Cool!

As I was waiting at the light near Countryside Mall this morning, I noticed this woman on a scooter in front of us. Then I realized she had no helmet (questionable judgment), she was dressed in black, and had a black leather jacket on. Interesting. So I decided this was definitely material for the Clearwater Daily Photo. After all, I am seeing more and more scooters on the streets. It makes perfect sense with the price of gas these days.

I think she might have been headed to the Mall, Westfield ShoppingTown Countryside (aka Countryside Mall). You can see the Macy's sign in the distance, on the side of the bright white cubes up ahead. If you look closely, you can see that she is looking at me looking at her, in her rear view mirror. I did not think fast enough to jump out and hand her my card. It might have been fun.
If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clearwater, Florida: Congo River Mini Golf - Congo Queen

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Clearwater, Florida: Congo River Golf & Exploration Co. Mini Golf Congo Queen
There she is, the Congo Queen. Climb aboard if you dare. But then, if that's your only hope for survival... She's listing to port, and her engines have long since ceased to turn. Close your eyes for a moment, before you sink your next putt, and you can imagine yourself cruising through tropical jungles in a land far away. Well, you can if you have a really good imagination.

Congo River Golf
is lots of fun. Get the kids, grandkids if you have 'em, and go have a good time. But don't blame me if you have too much fun. Don't forget some pocket change, you can pay to feed the alligators. It's really more fun than it sounds like. Really.
If you would like to see more of this area, check out Dunedin Daily Photo, and Clearwater Beach Daily Photo. If you enjoy photography, check out my photography blog. Thanks for coming today!
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